How to find a MapleStory private server

Are you looking for a MapleStory private server?

A Private Server is operated by private parties or volunteers. For some games, people make private servers so that they and others can play for free but that's not the case with Maplestory because it's already free to play. Still, MapleStory private servers exist for several reasons.

  • Some people do it for the challenge of creating one
  • Others do it to practice cheating without getting banned
  • Some make a MapleStory private server so they have control over the rules
  • Others do it because they can make leveling and other challenges a lot easier
  • Some do it for the ability to get unlimited Meso and Items

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A private server is illegal and playing on them is usually frowned upon. Most private servers are really unstable and full of bugs so the game experience is not as high in quality as the official servers. Of course, some people still like playing on them because they can use bots, macros, hacks and cheats without worrying about getting banned.

If you are looking for a private server to play on or want to find out how to start your own server, then check out They have a forum with a lot of friendly and knowledgeable members who help each other out. They'll know if there are any really good Maple Story Private Servers out there.

MmorpGuides has a great selection of Maple Story hacks, exploits, cheats, bots, guides, dupes, and more!
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