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MapleStory Job Guides help you advance faster

All characters start out as beginners but once you reach level 10 you can choose your first job. You have five classes to choose from:

Leveling up to your next MapleStory job

At level 30, you can choose your second job and at level 70, you can choose your third. Then your fourth job comes at level 120. At level 120, a character can change once more and become even more powerful in their fourth job advancement.

Once you level up and meet certain requirements, you’ll be able make your Job advancement. Each time your character advances you get to choose between classes and their skills, attributes, and abilities. There are so many different builds available for each class that it can get extremely difficult to select the combinations that will be the most effective.

You can get an official MapleStory Job Guide but they are outdated before they even hit the shelf. If all the different builds and choices overwhelm you or you’re just not sure which builds will be the most effective then check out the site below. They have the best and most up to date MapleStory Job Guides available that will give you easy-to-follow steps and help you create a more powerful character.

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The latest Maple Story job guide helps you advance quickly

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