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A MapleStory auto loot program will let you automatically pick up items and mesos when you walk across them. There are a lot of people who will try to take away your items or mesos from you but with a MapleStory auto looter you can prevent that since you’ll be able to pick them up constantly and with greater speed.

No more repetition!

If your fingers are getting sore from constantly having to click your mouse and you’re getting tired of players trying to take away your rewards then a MapleStory auto looter can help improve your gameplay immediately.

How to get the best MapleStory auto looter

A good MapleStory auto loot program will:

  • allow you to set the speed of how fast you want to pick up items and mesos
  • record your mouse movements
  • allow you to run the recorded sequence again

If you want to be able to constantly pick up mesos and items then check out the website below to get the most effective (and undetectable) MapleStory auto looter download available.

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