Cast more powerful spells with a MapleStory Magician Guide

A good MapleStory Magician Guide won't use slight of hand

The Magician’s powers are based on casting magic spells and magic attacks. As beginning characters, Maple Story Magicians are usually very weak but you can get their first job advancement at level eight instead of level ten, whereas you have to advance to level ten with the other three classes.

Once you reach the first job, the Magicians advance and improve quickly and around level 20 the Maple Story Magician is more advanced and can do more damage than any other class at the same level because of “magic claw” which is their powerful first job spell. If you want get the most out of your Magician and its ability points and skills than a Maple Story Magician Guide is for you.

A MapleStory Magician Guide will give you information and tips to create a more powerful character that will be able to defeat enemies a lot more effectively. If you want to master in casting spells and get the most out of your Magicians skills and abilities then click on the website below which has the best and most affective Maple Story Magician Guides available!

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The right Maple Story Magician guide will help you level up quicker

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