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The Bowman is called the MapleStory Archer in the 1st Job. The Archers are usually weak in the lower levels but get a lot stronger once they advance to higher levels. At level 30, the Maple Story Archer can make their 2nd Job advancement and choose between a Crossbowman and Hunter.

The MapleStory Archers’ damage is mainly based on DEX and they use arrows to attack. Their damage is highly inconsistent since they have a higher damage range than any other class. The MapleStory Archer skills are:

  • Critical Shot
  • Eye of Amazon
  • Double Shot
  • Focus
  • Blessing of Amazon
  • Arrow Blow

To get a powerful fighter out in the battlefield, it is essential that you have access to a good MapleStory Archer Guide. It can be a confusing process to learn all of the Archer’s skills and how to use them effectively. The Maple Story Archer Guide will help you get more familiar with your Archer’s skills and abilities and will help you get the most out of them.

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