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Kill MapleStory Monsters effortlessly

The Maple word is crawling with monsters, some harmless and some highly dangerous. The harmless MS monsters typically hang out by towns. The dangerous Maplestory monsters lurk in deep, dark dungeons.

  • Maple Island: has few MS monsters and most are weak
  • Victoria Island: higher level monsters reside here; the more threatening monsters live closer to the center, or dungeon, of the island
  • Ossyria: most of the monsters here are high level; four major Maplestory boss monsters also live here

Defeating MS monsters is important in the leveling process since by killing them you receive Mesos, items, and rare equipment. These monster drops are needed for quests, experience, and forging materials. The value of their drops usually depends on their level. Higher level monsters will typically bring you better loot but not always.

If you need help battling these creatures Maplestory tips will proved you some very helpful advice to help you defeat them effortlessly. If you want to find out which monsters will benefit you the most try a MS walkthrough. This will show you which monsters can get you the best loot/drops and will give you the best strategies to defeating them. If you’re going to be visiting Ossyria anytime soon, you may need all the help you can get.

MS Secret To Defeat Boss Monsters

Do you think you have what it takes to head to head with the villains of Ninja Castle? If you think you do than follow these directions:

  1. Go to the outside of the Ninja Castle from the Mushroom Shrine in Zipangu and there will be NPCs to speak to for numerous quests.
  2. When you get inside the Ninja Castle you’ll be welcomed by Genin ninjas. There is no level requirement but it is recommended to be at least a level 25 otherwise you may not make it very far.
  3. If you do get all the way inside the Tower Room, you’ll have to take on the Emperor Toad, one of the toughest boss monsters in MapleStory! Do you still think you have what it takes?

If you don’t want to get smacked from one end of Maple World to another than join a forum. There you’ll find tricks and secrets for MapleStory on how to become the best in the game. You can also ask questions and get help from pros who have already mastered MapleStory.

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Defeating Monsters in Maple Story

MS Monsters are the resident bad guys in just about every video game ever made. In Maple Story, monsters are what you’re sent to destroy on almost every quest. They’re also available for killing just for fun or to pick up that item you’ve been looking for. Since they are the main baddies in the game, there are a wide variety of monsters with different levels and skills. Nothing says a good time like beating down Griffey.

As you start out as a beginner Maple Story character, the monsters you have to fight are rather weak. When you level up and progress through the game, you’ll notice the types of monsters you fight are stronger with better skills than the lower level monsters. The worst skills they use are the ones you can’t counteract, like raising their own attack or defense. Some skills will have damaging effects to you and possibly prevent you from attacking. There are skills like stun and darkness that will give your character a hard time unless you know how to counter the effects.

Potions are made specifically for countering these monsters’ skills. Each potion will be labeled for its use. They can be found in shops and some Maple Story monsters will even drop them from time to time. If you don’t like using potions, the effects of the magic will wear off over time. You can then resume fighting with your weapons and any skills you have. Of course, it might be hard since they’re so cute.

Understanding MS Monsters

When it comes to playing Maple Story monsters, they are some of the most frustrating opponents, but most necessary things in the entire game. MS is a tough game to learn and according to some experts on multi-player gaming, it is the toughest game to really learn. If you are playing Maple Story, then you are probably going to go through some frustrations dealing with monsters. You need to understand what their purpose is in the game, though, if you are ever going to be successful.

Sure, MS monsters might be a very difficult thing to deal with, but you have to deal with them. Once you really understand their role, you won’t be nearly as frustrated as you are in the beginning. For the most part, MS monsters serve a really good purpose in the game. They give you the valuable experience that you will need in the later Maple Story levels. This means that you absolutely must learn to take them down when you first start playing the game. If you don’t, you will lack what it takes to make it through the levels.

In addition to that, you will find that the Maple Story monsters in the game are your best link to mesos. Without these valuable MS mesos, then you can forget about playing the game at a high level. Once you learn to deal with the Maple Story monsters in the best way possible, you will be able to collect mesos with more regularity and you will notice a huge difference in your game.

Best Ways to Fight Maple Story Monsters

There are literally thousands of Maple Story monsters that you will run into during the course of this game. Some will be easier than others to beat, but most will require a great deal of skill and strategy. While each monster is different, there are some basic MS tips you can use to help you fight them much more effectively. The key is learning where the different types of MS monsters are, and how to gauge how dangerous they are before you go in blind.

First off, the monsters that you’re going to come across on Maple Island are pretty benign. You can develop some skills while killing these Maple Story monsters, but they are not terribly challenging. The closer an MS monster is to a town, the more likely the chances are of it being practically harmless. They do get a little tougher as you progress through the levels, but this is a good rule to follow.

The toughest Maple Story monsters are going to be found in the dungeons. Before you even head into one, you’ll need to make sure that your health and experience levels are way up and that you have the right weapons. You’ll also find some pretty tough monsters on Victoria Island and they will require a lot of skill to beat. Remember, whenever you kill an MS monster, they will leave some things behind for you. They range from mesos to actual Maple Story items and no matter what level you’re on, you’ll need to make sure that you pick these items up.