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Are You Looking For MS Leveling Cheats & Guides?

How would you improve MapleStory? What would you change? Nexon (developers or MS) is doing a huge update in Global MapleStory called the “Big Bang.” They recently did a poll to determine what exactly Maple users wanted from the update and the results are finally in:

A staggering 55% voted that they want faster leveling! A few others are job skills rebalancing, more explorer content, decreased death penalty, and faster travel.

You don’t have to wait for Nexon updates. Did you know there are currently numerous ways to get faster leveling, some that Nexon doesn’t want you to know about?

  • There are MapleStory leveling guides that are filled with shortcuts, tricks, and secrets to decrease your leveling time.
  • There are MS hacks that allow you to level faster, play in god mode, become invisible and much more.
  • Maple Story bots and neat little programs that will level for you automatically while you go about other things.
  • MS Cheats and glitches will let you take advantage of game flaws and bugs and enable you to level faster than ever intended.

You don’t have to wait around for Nexon to make improvements; with these resources you can have your perfect MapleStory world today!

How To Level MapleStory Pets

Players have the option of buying MapleStory pets, little monsters that follow behind you and respond to commands from you. MS pets can be bought from the Cash Shop for real money, Nexon Chash, or Maple Points.

There are many different pets available vary in abilities and stats. They have levels which are gained by Closeness (feeding the pets and talking to them, instead of Experience.

A MS pet can only have 3 skills at one time. The skill available to pets are

  • Automatic Pick-up Skill effects
  • Automatic Pick-up Leftover item and Meso Skill
  • HP Charge Skill effects
  • MP Recharge Skill effects
  • Item Pick-up Sill effect
  • Expand Range Skill effects
  • Unlootable Item Skill effects

MapleStory pets only last for 90 days and then they become lifeless dolls. They can be revived again if you buy them a Water of Life and complete a MS quest.

The newest MS pet is Mir or the female counterpart, Ruby. These are dragon pets that were introduced with Dragon Master Evan. Mir and Ruby’s favorite food is Fireballs which keeps them flying high right beside you.

You can even get Dragon Egg Shell for them to give them the just hatched look.

Get the most out of your pet by using a Maple Story pet guide which will teach you everything from pet types, pet commands, pet equipment and items. You can also learn how to gain the MS mesos to buy your pet and learn how to level your pet. Having pets are as big of a responsibility as they are fun; learn MS secrets today to get the most out of these creatures.

MapleStory Level-Up Evan Event

As you probably know by now, Evan the Dragon Master is the newest MapleStory class. Nexon is featuring an Evan Level-Up Event that you can take part in between March 31, 2010 and May 4, 2010. All you need to do to participate is level your Evan class to receive rewards.

When you reach MapleStory level 20, you can talk to Maple Administrator who’ll shower you with Dragon’s Blessing. At levels 30, 50, 60, 70, and 80, you’ll get amazing gifts from Cassandra that will fill you with the power of a dragon. These gifts include special Dragon Glasses and special scrolls designed to make your Glasses even more powerful.

To take advantage of these gifts you’ll have to level Evan fast. Luckily there are resources available to ensure you get to these levels before the deadline. So if you don’t have enough time to make the required levels you can take advantage of MS Autos. These can step in as your substitute and continue the Maple Story leveling process in your absence.

MapleStory hacks are also programs you can utilize to get maximum results with minimum effort.  These programs allow you to modify and tweak your Maple world to give you a huge advantage. You can also use MS hacks to enhance your character or eliminate certain time consuming missions.
If you haven’t yet, get started on leveling your Evan to qualify for your rewards and if needed these resources can help you create a super strong high level character

MS Leveling- It’s Easier Than You Think

Long hours of battling monsters and completing missions had always had its rewards in the game.  But how would you like to collect amazing MS treasures even when you’re not playing the game? Well now you can. Nexton is giving members a break from the grind and between April 21 and May 7 2010 you can receive rewards for trying out two other Nexon titles.

All you have to do is register for two other Nexon created games, get to level 3 in either game by May 7 and you’ll receive a 4-hour 2X drop card to use in MapleStory. This coupon will double the amount of MS mesos and doubles the rate of items dropped from monsters. If you get to level three in both games than you’ll receive two 4-hour 2X drop cards. This is a great way for players to take a break from the game and still earn rewards.

Did you know that there are ways that you can level up and collect rewards year-round while you’re not playing to game? You can do so with MS autos which are programs that will level automatically in your absence. Success in Maple Story requires lots of dedication and commitment, so whenever you need some relief from the demands of the game, these Maple Story bots and macros can step in and continue the leveling on your behalf. 

Faster Maple Story Leveling

Maple Story leveling includes the usual MMORPG adventure, missions, and combating monsters. To acquire the sought after Maple Story Mesos (in-game currency) and EXP(experience points) and items, players must complete quests and defeat monsters.

Players can choose to venture out on their own or they can form a party with up to six characters. Loot is shared; however, more will be rewarded to the higher-level members of the party.

While MS has received a lot of popularity and positive reviews, players oftentimes criticize the game for the need for relentless grinding or repetitive tasks done to level. Once players have reached the higher level, on average it can take up to a month for the player to level up once.

There are, however, ways around this repetitive grind. There is a small risk of getting your account suspended but most players agree the benefits are well worth the risk.

  • You can use Maple Story bots to level for you. Whatever drawback or obstacle you may face that is keeping you from advancing, a MS bot or macro is a program that is designed to step in and proceed to level on your behalf with surprisingly human-like actions.
  • Another option you have to speed up leveling are MS cheats. These usually come in the form of game glitches or flaws that can be manipulated into new opportunities of advancement way beyond what the game developers had in mind.

If you prefer fast Maple Story leveling instead of the slow, repetitive grind, cheats and bots can make it happen for you.

Plan Your Maple Story Leveling

Even the simplest Maple Story hint can make a huge difference in your gameplay. Hints and tips can bring immediate clarification to confusing missions or tasks that otherwise may take endless hours of research and repeated failed attempts. They can also save you many hours by providing leveling guidelines and methods on how to best complete tasks.

If you are new in the Maple Story world I highly recommend having a basic outline or plan to follow. Here is one small example

  1. Making MS Mesos
    • 1-10 – I suggest staying and making money on Maple Island
    • 11-20 – Hensys Hunting Ground 1
    • 21-30 – Here you should be doing party quests
    • 30+ – You should’ve mastered buying/selling enough to be familiar with the prices
  2. MS Pets
  3. Requirements:

    • A PET
    • Magic Scales
    • Binoculars
    • Meso Magnet
    • Safety Charm(Just in case)

    Then go stand on a something where the monsters can’t reach where people are always killing them. Like Hensys Hunting Ground 1, and make sure pet is on the ground and it will collect even if your AFK.

  4. MS Easy Leveling
  5. I can’t stress this enough: Party Quests. No matter you job; party quests are the way to go till level 70. Now if you prefer not to or would rather do it the old fashion way, go take a crack at the quests. I only ever do the ones that give you scrolls sell them 4-5 mill a piece.

    After level 70 I suggest hunting parties… Somewhere way out in some hidden streets get maybe 500k exp in 2 hrs. You must be dedicated

If you would like to see class specific leveling hints or you this guide in full detail you may do so by going here: The maple story guide. Remember it’s a competitive world and the more resources you have to assist you the more successful you’ll be.

What Tips Can Help me with Leveling in Maple Story?

So you are having a lot of trouble with Maple Story leveling and you don’t know what to do about it? Join the club. It’s a usual thing for people to get to a point in one of these online games and have some trouble getting through the levels. It doesn’t mean you are a bad player, it just means that you are human. This problem with MS leveling is especially profound in Maple Story because of the fact that there is so much going on in the advanced levels of this game.

What things can we tell you in this blog to help you with fast MS leveling? The truth of the matter is that it is not easy. If you want to have any real success, then you need to evaluate how you are playing Maple Story. It starts with you, not with problems in the game. First of all, how many hours are you putting into MS? Most people who struggle with Maple Story leveling just are not dedicated enough to their game to make it happen. If this is you, then maybe you need to check in a little more often.

The second thing is whether or not you are asking for MS leveling help. Do you go to forums and figure out what other players did about Maple Story leveling problem? This is something that could really help you jump ahead in Maple Story. If you struggle with leveling, then considering these things will give you a new lease on the game.

Improve at Leveling in Maple Story

When you start out playing, you are going to need to know a thing or two about MS leveling. It is an important idea to the game and without a firm grasp of how to go about leveling fast in Maple Story, you will struggle to get the game completed in a quick and timely manner. Why is it so important that you get the game finished quickly? To put it simply, most people have short attention spans and will struggle to maintain focus over the long run. When you get things done quickly, you will be able to enjoy it and finish it.

So what can you do to help with MS leveling? The first thing to remember is that you will have to have mesos in order to get through the levels. Without those MS mesos, there is no chance that you can get through a lot of the Maple Story levels. It is important and if you fail to realize its importance, you will struggle all the way through the game.

Another important idea to remember is that MS leveling is all about knowing your priorities and not getting caught up in the other things. It is all about knowing for a fact that you need to move through Maple Story levels as quickly as possible. Sure, there are quite a few things that you can do in each level to improve your score a little bit, but these things will just slow you down and make it more difficult to finish the game.

Ways to Improve your Leveling in Maple Story

One of the things that players are constantly trying to do in Maple Story these days is learn the art of MS leveling really quickly. In the past, it was always best to go through levels slowly and make sure that you did things right. Now, players aren’t concerned with the old ways. Instead, they just want to rush through the Maple Story levels as quickly as possible and go towards conquering the game. In my mind, this isn’t exactly the right way to play, but my opinion doesn’t matter much to players out there. In that line of thinking, this blog will provide some ways to level fast in Maple Story.

Don’t worry about mesos.
Sure, you are going to need a bunch of MS mesos to get through the game, but you can’t sit around and worry about picking up each and every one of them if you want to go about fast MS leveling. This is one way to make sure that you are slowed down. If you can fly through the Maple Story levels without having to pick up too many mesos, then you will be well on your way.

Try Maple Story powerleveling.
One of the best ways to advance through the levels is to let bots do it for you. Imagine coming home from a long day at work or class to find that MS bots have already conquered five difficult levels for you. They have advanced you through the ranks and now you are ready to go. This is a very popular thing for players in this day and age.

Top Ways to Accomplish MS Leveling Fast

This is a great game, but if you’re finding that you are stuck on the first few levels, it is definitely time to investigate ways to start your MS leveling journey. There are a lot of options available to players of all skill levels, but some will work better than others. If you love this game, but you’re just getting a little frustrated, there are ways that you can get back to actually playing and have a lot more options at your disposal.

One of the easiest methods for leveling is to use a Maple Story macro. This is a very quick alternative, especially for those that do not have a lot of free time on their hands for game play. Instead of wasting your time fumbling around, you can quickly move up without any effort. Most of these MS leveling bots will continue to work, even if you’re not actually playing the game, making them pretty perfect for those on a tight schedule. However, you won’t get the same experience if you were doing it on your own.

You will also greatly benifit from Maple Story leveling guides, since this way will provide you with not only results, but the experience and skills you’ll need later in the game. These MS leveling guides are actually pretty easy to use, and they will take you step by step through all that you need to accomplish to quickly get to level 60 or beyond. While you do actually have to do everything on your own, it will take a lot less time. Most players can level up to 60 within a matter of a few day.