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MapleStory Mechanic Guides

The MapleStory Mechanics, along with the Battle Mages and the Wild Hunters, are the latest heroes to be introduced as members of the underground Resistance. These three new classes are going up against the Black Wings, an evil cult that was taken over the town of Edelstein and is working to restore the powers of the dreaded Black Mage.

The MS Mechanics, unlike the Wild Hunters and Battle Mages, aren’t equipped with special powers or animal companions. They are just ordinary citizens who use their mechanical resourcefulness to create homemade weapons. The greatest ability of the MS Mechanics is their knowledge of robotics.

1st Job Advancement
The Prototype is their first and most basic Mech. Its powers include Flame Launcher, ME-07, and Gatling Gun.

2nd Job Advancement
The 2nd Job Advancement does not include a Mech upgrade. Instead during this time the Mechanics will learn new attack skills such as Open Portal: GX-9 and Rocket Booster.

3rd Job Advancement
With this Job Advancement the MS Mechanics to acquire a skill to temporarily upgrade the Mech with Siege Mode. This transforms the Mech into a stationary engine of destruction. When not in Siege Mode they’ll work on robots such as a combat satellite and Healing Robot H-LX that can be summoned into the battlefield to assist them in combat

4th Job Advancement
The Mech will be turned into the ultimate fighting machine with this last job advancement. The MS Mechanics will gain skills that allow them to temporarily transform the Prototype into a Missile Tank. The Mechanics are going to be indestructible with the assistance of the Amplifier Robot AF-11, the Bots ‘n’ Tots robot factory, and Giant Robot SG-88!

The MapleStory Mechanics were released January 19, 2011 and there is a lot to learn about them. You can get assistance in the form of MapleStory guides. These guides are filled with wonderful tips and MS secrets that would take a long time to figure out on your own and will provide guidance for you in your quest to defeat the Black Mage.

Leveling The MapleStory Wild Hunter Class

With the Big Bang update comes exciting new Resistance classes. Three groups of individuals from the town of Edelstein have gathered together to form an underground resistance movement against the Black Wings, the evil minions of the horrific Black Mage.

The Maple Story Resistance classes consist of the noble Battle Mages who specialize in magic, the valiant Mechanics who ride powerful prototype robots loaded with weapons, and the brave MS Wild Hunters who use crossbows and a remarkable riding jaguar in combat.

MapleStory Wild Hunter
So far MS has focused on the Wild Hunter class. So what is this exciting new class and how can you learn more about it? The following is some info that will introduce you to this class. For more in-debt leveling info, seek out a MS walkthrough.

You’ll begin you’re adventure as a Citizen of Edelstein. While playing hide-and-seek you’ll stumble across the MapleStory secret that the town holds. You’ll be completing quests for the town people and once you hit level 10 you’ll go and speak with Headmaster Ferdi who will direct you to the Resistance’s headquarters. There you will speak with Belle who will usher you into the Resistance and teach you the Capture skill that will allow you to capture and train the jaguar as your mount.

MapleStory Leveling
Wild Hunters level up by killing monsters for experience points. After a certain number of Experience Points you rise a level and receive a certain number of Skill Points and Ability Points that are used to gain new powers and skills.

MS Resistance Skills
These MapleStory skills apply to the Battle Mage, Mechanic, and Wild Hunter classes

  • Crystal Throw: throw Rue crystals with force and accuracy
  • Infiltrate: conceal yourself while moving fast for a few seconds
  • Potion Mastery: increase your potions

Job Advancement
When your Citizen reaches level 10 you can specialize in a chosen class. To get your second job advancement at level 30, you’ll return and speak to Belle. At level 70 you’ll have another job advancement opportunity. The final job advancement is at level 120.

Are You Looking For An Maple Story Magician Guide?

A MapleStory guide is your gateway to high levels, tons of gold, powerful characters, and overall successful gameplay. MS guides are oftentimes created by pro gamers that have mastered a certain aspect of the game. They then share their experiences with you, give you shortcuts, show you how to avoid pitfalls, and offer you expert advice.

Whether you’re looking for a MS guide or want to create your own, below is a breakdown of a well written guide to level a MS Magician. To view the full guide, simply click the link:

MapleStory Magician Guide

Why become a Mage?
This lists the pros and cons of being a Maple Story Mage

First Job Advancement
This guide starts at the very beginning of your adventure

Stat Allocation
These builds will allow you to have the best of both worlds, higher Intelligence than Normals and greater weapon Magic Attack than Pure Intelligence

MapleStory Skills
This will list the recommended skills for the more powerful and efficient MS Magician

Skill Builds
Here you will find the recommended skill builds for each level. You’ll have a Standard Build list and a Perfect MP Build list

Training Areas
These are the best level 9-30 training area’s for your character

And finally the guide concludes with information on your

MS Second Job Advancement
Leveling Tier
Damage Tier

MapleStory Pirate Guide

The MapleStory Pirate has a large variety of attacks and abilities and is one of the more interesting classes to play in the game. Pirates begin their adventure on Maple Island where they learn basic skills. Upon reaching level 10, you can travel to Lith Harbor and speak to the Pirate statue. You will then be teleported to the navigation room of the Nautilus (the giant submarine in Nautilus Harbor). From there you will meet up with Kyrin who will decide if you’re brave enough for the life of a MS Pirate. If you pass the test you can than begin your adventure.

Maple Story Pirate Skill/Ability Points
Characters kill monsters to gain experience points, after a certain amount of experience points are gained they level up. After each level they gain a certain number of Skill and Experience Points. These can be used to get new skills and powers to fight monsters and improve their abilities.

Maple Story Skill Points

  • Bullet Time: This skill will increase your accuracy (probability of hitting with a weapon) and avoidability (ability to avoid getting hit by a monster)
  • Flash Fist: This allows you to use Magic Points (MP) to increase/speed up your punches
  • Double Shot: This allows you to fire two bullets at once to deal double the damage.

Maple Story Ability Points

  • Strength (STR): This determines how strong your character will be. The higher your strength ability is the more damage you can do when hitting monsters with a melee (handheld) weapon.
  • Dexterity (DEX): This determines how nimble and agile your MS character will be. Higher DEX will increase your accuracy and damage made by ranged weapons.

Maple Story Pirate Job Advancement
Upon reaching level 30 you can specialize in a chosen class (job advancement). As a Pirate you can choose between a Brawler or
Gunslinger as your new job.

  • Brawler: These Pirates prefer up close and personal combat. Their damage accuracy is low but their hits are powerful when they do come in contact.
  • Gunslinger: These Pirates prefer to use firearms in combat. As they increase in level, the gunslingers rely on a number of basic shots to fight monsters. This job can be difficult to play, a MS Gunslinger guide can help you out a lot

Quick MS Hint: If you’re going to choose the path of a Brawler, put most of your ability points STR. If you’re going to choose to be a Gunslinger, most of your Ability Points should go into DEX.

At level 70, your MS Pirate qualifies for another job advancement. The following and final job advancement is level 120.

Get The Most Useful Magician Build

The MapleStory Magician is perhaps one of the most powerful classes in the game. Rather than using weapons and items, the Magicians prefer using magic in combat. The Magicians can choose to follow the path of Clerics with magical healing abilities, a Wizard that specializes in fire/poison, or a Wizard that utilizes ice/lightening.

MapleStory Skill points
By killing monsters, Magicians gain experience points and level up. For each level they gain they’ll get a certain number of skill points which gives them new powers. Players with high level Magicians sometimes make guides with recommendations on how to level their Magician and what skills to use to create the perfect character. Below is an example:

MapleStory Magician Guide

Primary Attributes

  • Intelligence (INT) this is the main and most important characteristic for your MS Magician, most of your ability points should be invested in INT
  • Luck (LUK) this is the secondary characteristic, it determines how accurate your magic attacks will be.

Magician Job Advancement

When your character reaches level 30 you can specialize in their chosen class

For more information about these job advancements, use a MS guide

Getting A Level 200 MapleStory Character

Nexon features some of the highest level MapleStory accounts on the official MS website. These are players from all over the world that, through hours of dedication and hard work, have created enviable characters.

This is the character that has the number 1 overall ranking:

Character Name: FangBlade
Level: 200

All of the characters in the top 1000 have reached the level 200 mark. While most of us will never reach the top 10 we do have a chance at making the top 1000. Even if you don’t have the perseverance of those players there is always a way around it.

Leveling a MapleStory account by yourself requires steady persistence despite difficulties, obstacles that may stand in your way, or discouragement. Luckily you are not the first to play this game and numerous high level players have created MS walkthroughs that lead you through the leveling process. These walkthroughs help you avoid the pitfalls they fell victim to and keep you from making the same leveling mistakes they made. Many have walked the path before you, why not learn from them?

If you have virtually no spare time to spend leveling and feel that others with a lot of free time on their hands have an unfair advantage, you may want to consider a MS macro. These are programs that, with a click of a button, will level up without any human intervention.

Whatever obstacle is keeping you from creating your dream character, don’t give up. There are always 3rd party resources available to give you an extra hand in the time of need.

Choosing The Right Maple Story Thief Job Advancement

When you have reached level 30 with your MS Thief you get to specialize in a certain class. This is known as a job advancement. When you’re at level 30 and are ready for your job advancement, simply return to Dark Lord. He’ll send you on a quest and if you succeed you’ll be able to start your new job. You can visit him again at level 70 and again at level 120 for your final job advancement.

The Maple Story Thief class gets to choose an Assassin, Bandit, or Dual Blade career.

You can view Maple Story Walkthroughs for guidance and detailed information about each one of these classes

Assassin: Ranged attackers that specialize in metal claws and throwing stars. They strike from afar and are agile, quick, and can attack while in the air. The downside is that they are fragile.

Some Assassin Skills
Claw Booster
Claw Mastery
Luck Seven

Bandit: Dagger carrying up-close damage dealers. Although their attacks don’t do much damage, the MS Bandits are so quick that they can strike multiple times before their enemy will realize what’s happening.

Some Bandit Skills
Dagger Mastery
Double Stab
Savage Blow

Dual Blade: Fast, stabbing, slashing, and assassination skills. MS Dual Blades are the most similar to the traditional Thief class. They also have unique skills and have their own Cash Item inventory

Some Dual Blade Skills
Claw Booster
Mirror Image
Triple Stab

Remember each job advancement is a bit different so choose wisely. To help make your decision you can seek out MS hints from pro gamers who are familiar with these job advancements and can point out the full list of pros and cons

MS Characters – Get The Coolest Maple Look

It’s fashion week in MapleStory! Being the best dressed not only gives you bragging rights but you could also win some pretty cool prizes.

Check out my MS Explorer!
All you have to do to enter the contest is to do to enter is to submit a screen shot of you MapleStory Explorer dressed in its hottest gear. Screenshots are submitted on the official MS site and ten winners will be selected to receive a $25 gift certificate from J!NX for a fashion makeover

Maple Story Boss Hunter!
Is there a bigger fashion disaster than uncool avatars of evil that are MS bosses? You can now submit your best boss hunting story for a shot at one of the ten $25 gift certificates to J!NX. You’ll find details on the MapleStory Facebook page.

If your character just doesn’t have the Maple look needed to place as a finalist in one of the many contests that Nexon features than you need to try a Maple Story character simulator. It lets you try different types of clothing, hair styles, gear, and other accessories to choose the best possible combination for your character.

You’ll have the best looking character around with the help of this MS program. The next time Nexon features a fashion week, you’ll be ready!

Get More MapleStory Gold And Prizes With Your Explorer

Maple Story is celebrating the return of the Explorers! The MS Explorers were the original class of Maple Story that went to battle against the Black Mage but have since been somewhat overshadowed by the strength of the of the Cygnus Knights and the specializations and new powers of the Evans.

MS is now getting the Explorers back in the spotlight by featuring “Return of the Explorers” an update that rebalances and improves some of the Explorers skills.

To learn more about this newly improved Maple Story Explorers and to get the most out of this amazing class it is recommended that you put a MapleStory walkthrough to use.

Return of the Explorers Event
Between June 16 and July 17 MapleStory is featuring the Return of the Explorers Event where they can get new items to match their new skills.

At level 10 speak with Cassandra to receive a weapon based on your class

At level 20 speak with Cassandra to receive a weapon based on your class

At level 30 speak with Cassandra to receive an armor piece based on your class

At level 40 speak with Cassandra to receive a medal

At level 50 speak with Cassandra to go on a quest that’ll earn you a ring

Explorer’s Box Event
Monsters are now also dropping a mysterious Explorers box that feature great online and offline prizes

If you want an even bigger chance of winning: Free MapleStory Gold

Are You Looking For Maple Story Cygnus Knight Tips

A couple weeks ago we talked about choosing a MapleStory character that’s right for you. Today we’ll discuss picking a class that’s right for you. We’ll give you some details about the Cygnus Knight class and its available classes.

Maple Story Cygnus Knights are preferred by players who want a strong character from the very beginning. Cygnus Knights can only reach level 120, however, they are very flexible and tend to be a bit more powerful the comparable Explorers.

Once you’ve reach level 10 with your Cygnus Knight, it’s time to choose a class. Your class will determine your powers, abilities, and job advancements. The classes are

  • Dawn Warrior – close-combat warriors
  • Wind Archer – deliver huge amounts of long range damage
  • Night Walker – use speed and stealth to kill quickly
  • Thunder Breaker – built for up close and personal combat
  • Blaze Wizard – specializes on elemental damage at the expense of defense or healing

There are numerous MS hints to help you make the most of this class and get it to the next level as soon as possible. Using a MapleStory Cygnus Knight guide is also recommended to lead you step by step through the leveling process.