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Kill MapleStory Monsters effortlessly

The Maple word is crawling with monsters, some harmless and some highly dangerous. The harmless MS monsters typically hang out by towns. The dangerous Maplestory monsters lurk in deep, dark dungeons.

  • Maple Island: has few MS monsters and most are weak
  • Victoria Island: higher level monsters reside here; the more threatening monsters live closer to the center, or dungeon, of the island
  • Ossyria: most of the monsters here are high level; four major Maplestory boss monsters also live here

Defeating MS monsters is important in the leveling process since by killing them you receive Mesos, items, and rare equipment. These monster drops are needed for quests, experience, and forging materials. The value of their drops usually depends on their level. Higher level monsters will typically bring you better loot but not always.

If you need help battling these creatures Maplestory tips will proved you some very helpful advice to help you defeat them effortlessly. If you want to find out which monsters will benefit you the most try a MS walkthrough. This will show you which monsters can get you the best loot/drops and will give you the best strategies to defeating them. If you’re going to be visiting Ossyria anytime soon, you may need all the help you can get.

MS Help: Gain Victory In Chryse

Chryse was once a beautiful island but sadly is now covered in darkness and danger. The town is in danger of being destroyed by powerful monsters and you’re the only one that can save it! If you are brave enough than go and talk to Michaela about the terrifying dangers and monsters that await you.

You’ll need a level 55-70 character. Not at that level just yet? Try some MapleStory hacks to gain instant levels so you can begin your quest. Go to Obis Park. Speak to Ericsson to accept the MS mission and to re-establish contact with the giants to bring back peace to Chryse. To do that you’ll have to:

  • Kill many MapleStory monsters
  • Ward of the threatening monster army
  • Gain the townspeople’s trust
  • Get weaponry to equip the town
  • Confront the deadly power behind all this

If you are victorious in this mission peace will be restored in Chryse and you’ll receive great rewards. If you fail, many lives will be lost; Chryse will be destroyed and the giants will be killed off. This is a tremendous amount of pressure on you and you should not have to do it alone! You can seek MS help from veteran players that have gone before you and can guide you on your incredible journey that will transform you into a MS legend.

MS Pet Guide: Learn Everything There Is To Know

Your MapleStory pets have remained loyal to you throughout your journeys so isn’t it time you made a permanent commitment to them as well? Now has never been a better time! Permanent MS pets and certain permanent pet equipment are currently being sold at a discounted price. If you’re ready to make that commitment you can buy the MapleStory pets for cheaper than ever before!

MS pets are sought after companions in the game and it’s no wonder why!

  • Pets follow right behind you into into the most dangerous situations
  • They are always ready with a potion
  • They are always picking up after you
  • They make you laugh
  • They’re keep you company

MapleStory Pets

Your MS pets also deserve the most love and care possible that is why it’s so important that you be the best pet keeper that you can possibly be. To do that and learn everything about your little friends that there is know you may want use a MapleStory pet guide.

With a pet guide you’ll learn new MS secrets, tips and tricks about your pets that you never knew before. The more you learn about your pets the more they can help you out on your journey. You’ll soon find out that they are your best Maple friends!