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Keeping Your MapleStory Account Safe

It is Security Awareness Month in MapleStory. All throughout the month Nexon will be sharing information on keeping your MapleStory account and personal information safe. Security based events will be help throughout the month to show you how to keep others from getting a hold of any personal information.

Here are some ways your MS account could get compromised:

MapleStory Hacks
There are basically two types of hacks. There are those that hack the MapleStory game and then there are fake hacks designed to steal your account information or send a password stealing trojan to your computer. Before downloading a MS hack it is important to make sure that it is coming from a trusted source.

MS Phishers
Phishing is a way to get a hold of your personal information by sending out legitimate looking emails to the victims. Remember to never share your account details with anyone via email.

Ms Scams
MS scams are oftentimes used in the game to get your personal information or your items or gold. While you may not condone MapleStory scams it is important to know about then so you don’t get scammed yourself

Enter MapleStory Wallpaper Contests!

It’s a new year which also means it’s time to take down the old calendar and hang up a new one. While most go out and buy calendars, MapleStory likes to make their own customized, Maple themed calendar to enjoy year round.

This year MS wants to get members involved in creating the calendar. They want you to pick your favorite month of the year and design a calendar page for it that matches the theme for that specific month! Of course there will be prizes for the best designs.


  • January: Celebrating the New Year
  • February: Winter Wonderland
  • March: Easter Egg Hunt
  • April: April Fools
  • May: 6 Years Together
  • June: Lions
  • July: Fireworks
  • August: At the Beach
  • September: Back to School
  • October: Spooky Forest
  • November: Turkey Day
  • December: Holiday Celebration


  • 1st place: 60,000 Maple Points
  • 2nd place: 40,000 Maple Points
  • 3rd place: 30,000 Maple Points
  • 4th place: 20,000 Maple Points


  • Include your MapleStory character name and the world that is featured in your work
  • Create an original art piece or collage using MS related art
  • Using copyrighted material will get you disqualified

For all you graphic designers out there this is not only a way for you to earn Maple Points but will also give you a break from the MapleStory leveling grind. Participating in events outside the game can be revitalizing and oftentimes you’ll come back to the game with a renewed appreciation.

Other MapleStory forums also feature graphic centered events that you can participate in even if you missed this one. For example you can design a MS wallpaper for a shot at some other cool prizes.

Even if you’re not a good a graphic designer don’t let that keep you from entering. These contests are about having fun and bring the MapleStory community together.

MapleStory Spamming/Leeching Guide

This is a MapleStory guide for leeching/spamming. This guide is recommended only for high levels players since leaching is basically only good from level 70 and beyond.

The MS guide is a bit lengthy so I can’t post it all here. I’ll only be giving one or two examples from each of the below categories. For the full guide go here: MapleStory spamming/leeching guide


  • Normal Monsters
  • Boss Monsters
  • Techniques
  • Service Jobs
  • Leeching Spots

Normal MS Monsters Example:
Target: Wolf Spider
Level Range: 75+
Service Provider: Arch Mage / Bishop
Area: Mesogears ~ Wolf Spider Cavern

Maple Story Boss Monsters
With bosses, you have 2 choices. U can use the techniques listed below, or be 5 levels below the mob.

Service Jobs Example:
This is a given. They have Genesis, so they can kill 15 monsters in 1 shot; they also have Holy Symbol which increases the amount of exp you receive per MS monster, allowing you to level up faster.

1. Have enough accuracy to hit it (1 hit is enough)
Hit the Maple Story monster, and run, leaving the service provider to kill it. Simple isn’t it?
The more you attack, higher the amount of exp you will get.

2. Get a Power Guard mule
Only resort to this if you cannot hit it at all. Get a Fighter. It must be at most 5 levels above you. Ask it to turn Power Guard on and ram into the boss, chances are, he/she will die, however, due to Power Guard’s effect, it never misses. When the boss dies, you will get the exp, but less exp than if you had used the 1st method.

Service Jobs Example:
This is a given. They have Genesis, so they can kill 15 monsters in 1 shot; they also have Holy Symbol which increases the amount of exp you receive per MS monster, allowing you to level up faster.

Winning Maple Story Wallpaper And Video Contests

MapleStory is an enjoyable game to play but sometimes it’s also nice to take a break from the leveling grind and participate in other fun events.

MS recently featured a contest for members to design the most destructive mechs in the Maple world. The winners are as following:

Grand Prize
A specially customized iPod Touch

First Prize
A Big Bang poster and a limited edition MapleStory mousepad

Second Prize
10,000 MaplePoints

Such events not only bring the community together but also give members a chance to showcase their talents outside the game. Besides Nexon featured events, there are also MapleStory forums you can visit to participate in events and contests for some prizes.
One such example is a screenshot contest where you can submit your MapleStory wallpaper. You can also enter a video contest where you can make a MapleStory video specific to the game.

There are tons of MS activities available for you to do for some pretty cool prizes. Good luck everyone and have fun!