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Get the Latest MapleStory Cheats, Bots, & Guides

It is predicted to be the biggest event in the history of MapleStory!

It will rock the Maple World to its foundations, worlds will collide, continents will shake, cats and dogs will live together in peace, the very fundamentals of reality of tremble, and your Maple world will be turned upside down!

It’s a… well, MapleStory update, the most important one yet in MS history.

This huge update is coming to Global MapleStory soon. At the moment the developers are not sure what to name it; in Korea they named it the Big Bang.

Some wait in anticipation for updates in hopes for smoother gameplay, improved graphics, new MS quests, modernized characters and items, and an overall better and enhanced gaming experience.

Others may dread updates since it can mean only one thing: their beloved MapleStory bot might not work anymore, their favorite cheat may be nerfed, or their preferred leveling guide may not work as well.

For those of you who are more concerned with having the best bot and latest guide than you are with the latest graphics or character updates, I suggest you get connected with a MS forum. Not just any forum though. The forum I recommend is a community of gamers brought to together by one common interest. In this case the common goal of this MapleStory forum is to find the best and most efficient ways of leveling in the least amount of time possible

Getting A Level 200 MapleStory Character

Nexon features some of the highest level MapleStory accounts on the official MS website. These are players from all over the world that, through hours of dedication and hard work, have created enviable characters.

This is the character that has the number 1 overall ranking:

Character Name: FangBlade
Level: 200

All of the characters in the top 1000 have reached the level 200 mark. While most of us will never reach the top 10 we do have a chance at making the top 1000. Even if you don’t have the perseverance of those players there is always a way around it.

Leveling a MapleStory account by yourself requires steady persistence despite difficulties, obstacles that may stand in your way, or discouragement. Luckily you are not the first to play this game and numerous high level players have created MS walkthroughs that lead you through the leveling process. These walkthroughs help you avoid the pitfalls they fell victim to and keep you from making the same leveling mistakes they made. Many have walked the path before you, why not learn from them?

If you have virtually no spare time to spend leveling and feel that others with a lot of free time on their hands have an unfair advantage, you may want to consider a MS macro. These are programs that, with a click of a button, will level up without any human intervention.

Whatever obstacle is keeping you from creating your dream character, don’t give up. There are always 3rd party resources available to give you an extra hand in the time of need.

Scamming in MapleStory

A MapleStory scam is basically tricking someone into giving you their money, items or other goods. Most MS scams will instantly be recognized by higher level players and will not work on them. The easiest scam victims are trusting, newbie players.

Example of a MS scam:
Player 1 approaches Player 2 and asks him if he wants to learn a MS glitch that will duplicate his item

Player 1 then gives him the directions:

  • Go into a trade and equip the item
  • Then click “Trade” but NOT the “OK” button so the verification screen pops up
  • Next type in the code: cltms67y
  • Then it’ll exit out of trade and you’ll have duplicative the items

Why this is a scam:
Player 2 was tricked into giving Player 1 his MS item.

How it works:
As soon as you click “Trade” do NOT press the letter “Y” because that is the same as pressing “Yes” or “OK”. It works because it makes the victim type the letter “Y” after they trade so the scammer can accept the item.

You may view scamming as a dishonest way of making money but even if you prefer not using MapleStory scams, it good to be aware of them so you don’t fall victim yourself

Level Quickly With MapleStory Hacks & Bots

It’s back to school again for most of us and that usually means a lot less time playing our favorite MMORPG, MapleStory. Don’t you wish your character would automatically level while you’re sitting in class or at doing your homework? Well there is!

Maple Story Bots
Let me introduce you to MapleStory bots. These are third party programs that will, with just a click of a button, go out and level your character without any human intervention whatsoever. MS bots can do anything from auto attacking monsters to leveling your character’s skills for you.

Maple Story Hacks
If you don’t quite feel comfortable leaving your account unattended I would suggest using MS hacks instead. Hacks are also third part programs that allow you to level faster than ever before by bypassing normal game rules and regulations and standard gameplay. Here is an example: MS Trainer Hack

These are just a few of its capabilities


  • No Character/Mob knockback
  • Long Blink Godmode
  • Block HP/MP Regen

Helpful MS Hacks

  • Unlimited Attack
  • Instant Drop
  • No Breath
  • Mob Speedup

Other Hacks

  • Block Damage
  • Stop Aran Attack Movement
  • Magic Whisper
  • Jump Down Anywhere