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How You Can Have The Perfect MapleStory Character

The MapleStory basics are not hard to learn but where do you go from there. How do you determine your next move? Who exactly would you like to be and what adventure would you like to go about? What character will best fit your wants and needs?

Determining your character when you first get started is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the game. Since they set the foundation of your gameplay it’s important to know as much about MS characters as possible before making your decision.

This character gives you the freedom in deciding how you want to play the game. They can become anything from a melee fighter to a spell-casting magician.

  • Warrior
  • Bowman
  • Thief
  • Pirate
  • Magician

Cygnus Knights
These MapleStory classes are picked by players who enjoy being powerful from the very beginning.

  • Dawn Warriors
  • Thunder Breakers
  • Blaze Wizards
  • Night Walkers

Hero Classes
A Hero starts out fairly powerful with a specific weapon /combat style. While they do grow in power and gain new abilities, they don’t have a “class” and aren’t as flexible as Explorers or Cygnus Knights.

  • Aran
  • Dragon Master Evan

MS tips can help you get your adventure started on the right foot. They’ll give you useful information and help you make the best decisions in the game. MapleStory Walkthroughs are a more detailed compilation of tips that will lead you thru the game by giving you step-by-step instructions.

How To Dupe Maple Story Items

The Twin Dragon’s Egg Incubator is an item hatching and Maple Story item duplicating machine. The Twin Dragon’s Egg Incubator’s win list now includes more of your favorite items. These are the Maple Story items you get a shot at:

The most valuable items can also still be hatched using the incubator such as the Timeless items, Reverse items, 1 million maple points, and Aura Ring.

To start the process:

  • Go to the closest Dimensional Mirror and travel to Dragon’s Nest
  • Click the Giant Twin Dragon’s Egg or complete the Shadow Knight in Dragon’s Nest and Shadow Knight’s Request for Help quests
  • Buy the Incubator in the Cash Shop
  • Hatch you Twin Dragon Egg and win an MS item
  • Once you have the item you attempt to duplicate it

The MS duping will not always be successful but you will always get a Power Elixir and a you can try duping the item again.

Please note that currently this event is only running till May 18. After the event has expired you may want to look into other methods of Maple Story duping that will multiply your items and gold. Along with dupes there are also numerous other MS exploits available to get you the most and best items possible.

Use MS Glitches to your advantage

Recently Nexon announced some issues with the Cake vs. Pie anniversary event in the game. They confirmed the following as currently not working:

  • Pie and cake pieces are not being tallied correctly on the in game score boards
  • Some worlds are unable to summon their faction bosses
  • Cake/pie turn-in percentage is stuck at 99%
  • Multiple worlds have experienced a crash on channel one


This is known as a glitch or bug.  Glitches are flaws in the game that disrupt normal gameplay. Some glitches may be harmful to gamplay and hinder you from advancing, however, there are also MapleStory glitch that you can manipulate and use to your advantage.

Another form of glitch is known as an MS exploit. Similar to glitches, exploits allow you to take advantage of game flaws and enable you to do amazing things never possible before. An example of what can be done with these exploits is accumulate unlimited amounts of mesos, eliminate boring tasks, or level faster than ever before.

Guild Wars glitches and exploits typically have a short life span as they are patches when discovered by Nexon, so get the most out of them while you can.