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Why Some Prefer Maple Story Private Servers

Nothing lasts forever. Nexon announced recently that they filing a lawsuit against KryptoKEV, a popular private server development website, for taking intellectual property and profiting from it. Although KryptoDEV has not been shut down yet, this is bad news for anyone playing on the private server.

What is a private server?
A private server is a clone that mimics the behavior of an original server. Maple Story private servers are owned and operated by private parties separate from Nexon. For a lot of P2P (Pay 2 Play) MMOs, a private servers is a viable way to experience the game without having to shell out the money. For a game that’s F2P (Free to Play) like Maplestory, gamers oftentimes have different motives for using a private server.

What are the benefits of a private server?
Although a MS private server can be full of bugs and oftentimes unstable, it allows players unlimited and unrestricted use of Maple Story Cheats. It also gives them a lot more freedom from Nexon’s rigid game rules and restrictions by allowing them to play the game as they wish.

Some examples of Maple Story cheats:

  • Glitches – Using flaws in the system to your advantage
  • MS Hacks- Doing the impossible that was never intended by game creators
  • Bots- Programs that will do your MS leveling automatically

With a private server, players can enjoy the game to the fullest and take full advantage of these Maple Story cheats  without the risk of getting suspended from the game.

Why use a Maple Story Auto Clicker

For those of us who have been playing Maple Story for awhile, we all know that at times the game can turn repetitious. After awhile we just get tired of doing the same tasks over and over again.

One tool that I have found even more effective than  guides to ease the dullness is an auto clicker. An MS auto clicker is a program that will automate any series of clicking you have to do in the game. So instead of me having to sit there and repeatedly click away at an annoying task, I will program my auto clicker to do the work while I go about other thing.

If you want to use such a program and don’t want to have to go searching for one, here is one I recommend: Maple Story Auto Clicker

ms auto clicker

The program is free, 100% safe, and can be downloaded to your computer in a matter of seconds. It comes with a picture tutorial so it’s extremely ease to set up.

Four Easy Steps

  1. Download the MS autoclicker
  2. Click Open
  3. Drag the auto clicker to your desktop
  4. Open it and start clicking away!

The latest Maple Story Class

He’s just a small town farm boy with big dreams. Meet Dragon Master Evan, the newest MapleStory character and class. Evan is from a small town named Henesys and his world is transformed when one day he stumbles across a dragon egg and soon becomes known as a Dragon Master. His life becomes a world wind off racing against time as he tries to tame a powerful Maple Story dragon as the Black Magician has made a comeback solely to conquer and destroy Maple World! Will Dragon Master Evan be able to save the world and become the next MS hero?


The new ‘Evan’ class are a ‘Dragon Trainers’ class. Here are some of the class features:

  • Magicians
  • Int and luk are required for Stats
  • Max Maple Story level is 200
  • The skills are created and used by the dragon

Maple Story Dragon Master Evans’ skills are:

  • Dragon Thrust
  • Illusion
  • Dark Fog
  • Flame Breath
  • Earthquake
  • Blaze

I’ve never played a magician before but am planning on trying out this new class. The only thing that worries me a bit is getting used to playing a MS magician. I prefer fast-paced gameplay and if the character is too hard to learn I’ll probably be trying out some MS guides to help me along. Or if leveling to too boring I may have to result to using Maple Story bots. Either way, I’m anxious for this journey to begin and will be well equipped and ready to conquer when I come face-to-face with the Black Magician!