Kill MapleStory Monsters effortlessly

The Maple word is crawling with monsters, some harmless and some highly dangerous. The harmless MS monsters typically hang out by towns. The dangerous Maplestory monsters lurk in deep, dark dungeons.

  • Maple Island: has few MS monsters and most are weak
  • Victoria Island: higher level monsters reside here; the more threatening monsters live closer to the center, or dungeon, of the island
  • Ossyria: most of the monsters here are high level; four major Maplestory boss monsters also live here

Defeating MS monsters is important in the leveling process since by killing them you receive Mesos, items, and rare equipment. These monster drops are needed for quests, experience, and forging materials. The value of their drops usually depends on their level. Higher level monsters will typically bring you better loot but not always.

If you need help battling these creatures Maplestory tips will proved you some very helpful advice to help you defeat them effortlessly. If you want to find out which monsters will benefit you the most try a MS walkthrough. This will show you which monsters can get you the best loot/drops and will give you the best strategies to defeating them. If you’re going to be visiting Ossyria anytime soon, you may need all the help you can get.

MS Help: Gain Victory In Chryse

Chryse was once a beautiful island but sadly is now covered in darkness and danger. The town is in danger of being destroyed by powerful monsters and you’re the only one that can save it! If you are brave enough than go and talk to Michaela about the terrifying dangers and monsters that await you.

You’ll need a level 55-70 character. Not at that level just yet? Try some MapleStory hacks to gain instant levels so you can begin your quest. Go to Obis Park. Speak to Ericsson to accept the MS mission and to re-establish contact with the giants to bring back peace to Chryse. To do that you’ll have to:

  • Kill many MapleStory monsters
  • Ward of the threatening monster army
  • Gain the townspeople’s trust
  • Get weaponry to equip the town
  • Confront the deadly power behind all this

If you are victorious in this mission peace will be restored in Chryse and you’ll receive great rewards. If you fail, many lives will be lost; Chryse will be destroyed and the giants will be killed off. This is a tremendous amount of pressure on you and you should not have to do it alone! You can seek MS help from veteran players that have gone before you and can guide you on your incredible journey that will transform you into a MS legend.

MS Pet Guide: Learn Everything There Is To Know

Your MapleStory pets have remained loyal to you throughout your journeys so isn’t it time you made a permanent commitment to them as well? Now has never been a better time! Permanent MS pets and certain permanent pet equipment are currently being sold at a discounted price. If you’re ready to make that commitment you can buy the MapleStory pets for cheaper than ever before!

MS pets are sought after companions in the game and it’s no wonder why!

  • Pets follow right behind you into into the most dangerous situations
  • They are always ready with a potion
  • They are always picking up after you
  • They make you laugh
  • They’re keep you company

MapleStory Pets

Your MS pets also deserve the most love and care possible that is why it’s so important that you be the best pet keeper that you can possibly be. To do that and learn everything about your little friends that there is know you may want use a MapleStory pet guide.

With a pet guide you’ll learn new MS secrets, tips and tricks about your pets that you never knew before. The more you learn about your pets the more they can help you out on your journey. You’ll soon find out that they are your best Maple friends!

MapleStory Item Dupe Scam

You’re likely going to encounter a lot of MapleStory scams at one point or another especially if you’re new to the game. People will try all types of MS tricks to get you to release your account password and to get to your gold, items, and weapons.

The best way for you to not get scammed is to be familiar with the working MapleStory scams that many have fallen victim to. Remember, being familiar with these scams is not to trick others out of their hard earned money and item but rather to keep you from becoming the victim yourself.

The following is an example of a MS item duping scam.

The player will approach and ask you if you want to learn how to dupe MS item. Then they’ll give you directions similar to these:

  1. Go into trade
  2. Put the item on
  3. Press trade but NOT the button ok
  4. It asks you for confirmation, type in this code: ccltcms47y
  5. Exit out of the trade and you’ll have duplicated your item

This will NOT WORK and you will in fact lose the item to the player instead of duplicating it. Find out why: MapleStory item dupe scam.

Winning Tournaments With MapleStory Bots

Its March madness in Maplestory!
Some big time tournaments are being featured Thursday and Friday of this month. Worlds are pitted against each other in epic fights this month to see which world has the most players logging in. This tournament began on March 11 and there is one more day left (March 24th) to proof that your world is dominant.

The ultimate prize will be taken home on March 25 when the ‘Battle Royale’ will be held. On this day the loosing world will combine forces to take on all the winning worlds. The prize: A 2x EXP and Drop event!

How do these tournaments work?
Every world has a schedule day in the March’s preliminary tournament. If your world isn’t scheduled for when you want to play, simply log into another world you have a character on and show your support!

Remember you are representing your world so be sure to be present! If you can’t make it you can still send a MapleStory bot as your replacement. What is that? A bot is a MS program that will play for you! Even when you can’t be at your computer supporting your world you can still send the bot as your replacement. Not only will you be able to support your world with this MS bot but you’ll also be able to level up you character without even being present!

Need MapleStory Leveling Help After the Big Bang Update?

An aftershock from the Big Bang was felt all over MapleStory last weekend. Some of the effects it had and changes it brought are amazing new powers, powerful new MS weapons, and new organizations.

MS Cygnus Knights and Explorers

  • New powers and skills allow the Cygnus Knight to go to battle with more MS boss monsters than ever before.
    See a MapleStory Cygnus Guide for an even more powerful character.
  • There is a new alliance between the MapleStory Explorers and the Cygnus Knights. The Cygnus Knights are lending their support to the Explorers. This is the birth of the Ultimate Explorer!

MapleStory Guild

  • There is a new MS guild system that makes it even easier for you to create and manage your very own guild! Having a hard time recruiting people? Stop by a MapleStory forum to meet other heroic adventurers.

Assault the Castle of Von Leon

  • A legendary castle now stands on top of the El Narth Mountains. Once inside the Red Lion King’s castle you’ll be able to take on one of the Black Mage’s strongest lieutenants to try and defeat him.
  • You can go a high paced adventure with other level 120+ characters to defeat the mighty king Von Leon. Rewards are impressive new equipment sets!
  • Level 70+ characters can go out on a new raid against Von Leon’s right hand monster, Ani.

Gain Double EXP And Drops With MS Bots

2X EXP and drops events are back! MapleStory had to undergo an unscheduled server maintenance on Wednesday and had to restore the servers to a previous point. To make up for the lost time and progress they are bring you two day of 2x EXP and Drop Events!


  • March 5th 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST
  • March 6th 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST

So startup your computer this weekend and take advantage of this awesome opportunity to gain double EXP and drop! However if just so happens that these events fall at a bad time for you and unfortunate circumstances are keeping you from your favorite games, don’t despair for you don’t have to be left out.

How is this possible? How can you still gain double EXP and drops when you can’t even play? Well the solution lies in these amazing little programs called MS bots and macros!

MapleStory Bots and Macros

MapleStory macros and bots are programs that will automatically level for you. All you have to do is fire up one of these little robots and they’ll rush off to work for you! You can go about you day with assurance knowing that when you come back home again the work is going to be done and the rewards will be there for you to enjoy!

Keeping Your MapleStory Account Safe

It is Security Awareness Month in MapleStory. All throughout the month Nexon will be sharing information on keeping your MapleStory account and personal information safe. Security based events will be help throughout the month to show you how to keep others from getting a hold of any personal information.

Here are some ways your MS account could get compromised:

MapleStory Hacks
There are basically two types of hacks. There are those that hack the MapleStory game and then there are fake hacks designed to steal your account information or send a password stealing trojan to your computer. Before downloading a MS hack it is important to make sure that it is coming from a trusted source.

MS Phishers
Phishing is a way to get a hold of your personal information by sending out legitimate looking emails to the victims. Remember to never share your account details with anyone via email.

Ms Scams
MS scams are oftentimes used in the game to get your personal information or your items or gold. While you may not condone MapleStory scams it is important to know about then so you don’t get scammed yourself

Enter MapleStory Wallpaper Contests!

It’s a new year which also means it’s time to take down the old calendar and hang up a new one. While most go out and buy calendars, MapleStory likes to make their own customized, Maple themed calendar to enjoy year round.

This year MS wants to get members involved in creating the calendar. They want you to pick your favorite month of the year and design a calendar page for it that matches the theme for that specific month! Of course there will be prizes for the best designs.


  • January: Celebrating the New Year
  • February: Winter Wonderland
  • March: Easter Egg Hunt
  • April: April Fools
  • May: 6 Years Together
  • June: Lions
  • July: Fireworks
  • August: At the Beach
  • September: Back to School
  • October: Spooky Forest
  • November: Turkey Day
  • December: Holiday Celebration


  • 1st place: 60,000 Maple Points
  • 2nd place: 40,000 Maple Points
  • 3rd place: 30,000 Maple Points
  • 4th place: 20,000 Maple Points


  • Include your MapleStory character name and the world that is featured in your work
  • Create an original art piece or collage using MS related art
  • Using copyrighted material will get you disqualified

For all you graphic designers out there this is not only a way for you to earn Maple Points but will also give you a break from the MapleStory leveling grind. Participating in events outside the game can be revitalizing and oftentimes you’ll come back to the game with a renewed appreciation.

Other MapleStory forums also feature graphic centered events that you can participate in even if you missed this one. For example you can design a MS wallpaper for a shot at some other cool prizes.

Even if you’re not a good a graphic designer don’t let that keep you from entering. These contests are about having fun and bring the MapleStory community together.

MapleStory Spamming/Leeching Guide

This is a MapleStory guide for leeching/spamming. This guide is recommended only for high levels players since leaching is basically only good from level 70 and beyond.

The MS guide is a bit lengthy so I can’t post it all here. I’ll only be giving one or two examples from each of the below categories. For the full guide go here: MapleStory spamming/leeching guide


  • Normal Monsters
  • Boss Monsters
  • Techniques
  • Service Jobs
  • Leeching Spots

Normal MS Monsters Example:
Target: Wolf Spider
Level Range: 75+
Service Provider: Arch Mage / Bishop
Area: Mesogears ~ Wolf Spider Cavern

Maple Story Boss Monsters
With bosses, you have 2 choices. U can use the techniques listed below, or be 5 levels below the mob.

Service Jobs Example:
This is a given. They have Genesis, so they can kill 15 monsters in 1 shot; they also have Holy Symbol which increases the amount of exp you receive per MS monster, allowing you to level up faster.

1. Have enough accuracy to hit it (1 hit is enough)
Hit the Maple Story monster, and run, leaving the service provider to kill it. Simple isn’t it?
The more you attack, higher the amount of exp you will get.

2. Get a Power Guard mule
Only resort to this if you cannot hit it at all. Get a Fighter. It must be at most 5 levels above you. Ask it to turn Power Guard on and ram into the boss, chances are, he/she will die, however, due to Power Guard’s effect, it never misses. When the boss dies, you will get the exp, but less exp than if you had used the 1st method.

Service Jobs Example:
This is a given. They have Genesis, so they can kill 15 monsters in 1 shot; they also have Holy Symbol which increases the amount of exp you receive per MS monster, allowing you to level up faster.